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  • Plagues in the Church Plagues in the Church January 19, 2017 - Diseases are the modern day equivalent of the “Biblical plagues”. In “Biblical times”, plagues are used to identify the sinful, those who have embraced a ...
  • Step by Step: One Day at a Time Step by Step: One Day at a Time January 17, 2017 - It would be an injustice to abandon something that is good for you… on the account of being unable to enforce it perfectly. In other ...
  • Does Food Really Generate Electricity? Does Food Really Generate Electricity? January 15, 2017 - Claiming that food generates electricity is not a myth or an exaggeration of a partial truth, it is an absolute fact. The initiative behind all ...
  • The Enslavement of Melanin The Enslavement of Melanin January 12, 2017 - The topic of Melanin is only controversial to those who have a political agenda and bias intent. They are people who are not working in ...
  • Making Consciousness Laughable Making Consciousness Laughable January 5, 2017 - Most of our conscious leaders wears a mask Knowing that Indigenous people are the great builders who have laid the foundation for all civilizations was ...
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Black Thought of the Day

Black Thought of the Day

How frequently an individual is allowed to have sex is dependent on the time it takes to replace the minerals that was lost from their previous sexual engagement (ejaculation).
Last Shown Date: 01-21-2017

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