About Us

  • The Mission

    The Blackseed Diet is an independent platform, primarily designed to bring awareness to the Melaninated people about the specific rules that uniquely applies to their biology and what is required for them to be healthy. The overwhelming disproportion within the reported cases of health issues, with Melaninated people at the greater disadvantage, confirms the necessity for this endeavor.
  • The Element

    Through scientific analysis and validation, Melanin, a biological component, has proven to be the supreme governing entity within nature. Therefore, it is impossible to support nature without the full acknowledgement of its key component, Melanin. For this reason, the enforcement of the knowledge of Melanin is necessary and is used as our primary catalyst to help in the fight to bring forth the greater (good) and more supreme nature of humanity.
  • The Case

    We have diligently observed the consistency of dysfunction in cultures that have abused their Melanin. Opposing, we have also observed the peacefulness and harmony of those who have enforced the lifestyle that supports Melanin. Believing that consistency is a proof of validity, it becomes imperative for us to endorse the lifestyle that is conducive to Melanin based on these studies.
  • The Diet

    We do not limit diet to just the eating of “food”. It is everything we consume spiritually, mentally and physically that can have an effect on our health. The spirit, mind and body work in unity and needs to be fed equally in order to achieve harmony and peace within one’s self. The Blackseed Diet is not exclusive to only recipes; it includes all factors that has the power to influence our health.
  • The Expectation

    The Blackseed Diet is not presented to be the ideal point of destination in our journey to become a healthy people, but rather a means, committed to help us to get to that point. Earth is damaged and perfection is much further to reach than ever before, but yet we strive to acquire the best of what is available in any environment we reside.

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