So What If it is Alkaline or Rich in Minerals?

So What If it is Alkaline or Rich in Minerals?

As natural eaters, we have this one very basic, yet fundamental rule we use as our ultimate guide to eating healthy food. No, it is not whether the food is alkaline or acidic. Alkaline does automatically mean that your food is good; and likewise, acidic doesn’t always mean that the food is bad. The mineral content of the food is also not the ultimate determining factor either. In fact, we don’t care about how mineral-rich any food is, once it doesn’t have this one very important attribute.

With that said, we apply this same law to validate whether or not certain foods should be eaten. In order to resolve any of these types of issues, there is only one two-part question you need to ask yourself about the food you are eating. “IS THIS FOOD NATURAL, DOES IT GROW WILD IN NATURE?” That’s it… if it is not natural, you shouldn’t be consuming it. The alkaline and acidic measurement is a reasonable guide, but yet a very partial one.

Telling someone about how much mineral is in foods such as carrots, seedless fruits or any other unnatural types is like showing someone a bag of money that they cannot get to. Foods that are unnatural will be rejected by your body. It will not utilize their mineral content because such types of foods have an incomplete genetic structure. Not only will you be unable to properly digest them but they will disrupt, deplete and destroy the health of your body over time.

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