Blood Cleanser Drink

Blood Cleanser Drink

This drink is excellent for purifying the blood, kidneys, and liver. It is also good for removing heavy metals from the body, promotes healthy blood flow, clear skin and bowel movements, it also relaxes the nerves and cleans the arteries. 1 gallon of this should serve 1 person for about two days.

1 Bunch dandelion
1 Bunch cilantro
¼ Cup ginger diced
1 Bunch lacinato kale (Black kale)
½ Cup sea moss (gel)
½ Cup lime juice
1 Bunch romaine lettuce
1 Gallon spring water
Natural sweetener (optional)
  1. At small portions at a time, blend all ingredients (except lime juice and agave) together with water in a blender.
  2. Strain, add lime and sweetener.

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