Can Your Food Fight Back or Defend You?

Can Your Food Fight Back or Defend You?

Any food can become inhabited by molds depending on the environment or foreign agents it is exposed to. Some foods are more susceptible to this invasion than others. Most foods, but not all, will begin to grow molds after leaving them in the refrigerator for a while. The primary difference between foods that grow molds versus those that doesn’t is dependent mostly on their potency and purity. Once your food begins to grow molds, get rid of it, there isn’t anything there to bargain with.

A mold is a virus; it is the direct equivalent of cancer in the human body. A food that is dominated by molds illustrates its inability to defend itself against fungus. This means that if your food is unable to defend itself, it, therefore, will not be able to defend your body against cancer or any biological disease.

The foods that don’t grow molds easily will do a better job at keeping you healthy, free from all foreign invasions/disease. Most of the fruits in western cultures do grow molds after a short period of time. The reason why the molds don’t grow immediately, on fresh foods, is due to the fact that molds can only grow on foods that are dying or whose biology has been compromised. Virus and fungus can only dominate that which carries a lower frequency.

Can Your Food Fight Back or Defend You?

Molds tend to target fruits, more so than vegetables, this is due to many factors not necessarily related to the potency of the foods. On the other hand, some fruits are so potent that regardless of how old they are; no mold can inhabit them. These include foods such as avocados, blueberries, mangoes, blackberries, etc. Foods that doesn’t grow mold easily or entirely are the ones you should be consuming the most. This is because their ability to fight fungus (cancer) outside of the body correlates with their ability to fight or prevent it inside the body. Vegetables or the leafy part of the plants are the best parts to eat because they do a better job at fighting fungus and harder to be compromised by hormones and other foreign agent.

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