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Over the Counter Drugs Problem

Over the Counter Drugs Problem

All vitamins and minerals should be taken in their natural form and not otherwise. This means that your source for vitamins and minerals should either come from direct Sunlight, water, fruits, or vegetables. Over the counter “DRUGS” should be avoided for they have incomplete molecular structure that does not have affinity with the natural Melaninated […]

Aspartame, the Arch Evil of Food Additives

Aspartame, the Arch Evil of Food Additives

Aspartame is a very commonly used food additive, mostly found in “carbonated” beverages, candies and chewing gums. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is sold under the brands NutraSweet, Spoonful and Equal. It was accidentally discovered by a chemist named James Schlatter in 1965 while testing an anti-ulcer drug. There are 90 different reported documented […]

Liquor Wine

Liquor (Alcohol) is Just Another Virus

Millions of people in the world today drink liquor and many different alcoholic beverages. But how many actually know how they are made? Germs, funguses and viruses are parasitic conditions that manifests through the process of decay. These conditions come about as a result of biological dysfunction or unnatural intervention within the health of any […]

Crystal Salt Deodorant

The Better Choices For Deodorants

The commercialized deodorants that are mostly found at your local convenient stores are very toxic to the body. The ingredients used to make these deodorants are unnatural and very unhealthy. Most of them also stains the skin and clothes and are hard to remove. When you apply something like this to your skin, it is […]

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