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Melanin Battery Made From Cuttlefish Ink

Melanin Battery Made From Cuttlefish Ink

Cuttlefish, scientifically known as Sepiida, are not exactly fish despite being called “cuttle-fish”, they are molluscs. Cuttlefish are known for their very distinctive and superior ability to camouflage themselves to confuse their predators as well as their prey. These molluscs are able to change the appearance of their entire skin to seamlessly blend in with […]

The Root Cause of Skin Bleaching

The Root Cause of Melanin Destruction (Skin Bleaching)

How something is defined cannot change its actual value, but it can, however, change how people perceive it. The perceived value of anything is the determining factor to whether someone may embrace it or reject it. It is always necessary to make sure that when you define anything it justifies its actual value. People are […]

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