Cellular Colonization: Internal Dietary Initiated Warfare

Cellular Colonization

Believing that because your body is craving for certain foods justify the reason for eating them is a flawed ideology. Though, it is a very common excuse used by many in support of them eating whatever they choose to, in defense of their own indiscipline. This belief is based entirely on the premise that if the body is asking (craving) for any given food, then it is an obvious proof that it is essential for it.

People who are addicted to drugs are in a position to make the same claims. A drug addict is someone whose body constantly craves the drugs they are addicted to. Given this reality, will you now say that these drugs are healthy and that is why their body craves them?

Once the integrity of our biology has been compromised, it makes it hard for it to determine what’s good or what’s bad for it. This happens as a result of foreign cells invading and colonizing it.

The colonization of our cells generally begins during our infant years, even before leaving the womb. Our parents, not knowing any better, introduced parasitic cell cultures (food) to our biology such as dairy, starch, flesh and others. Upon them entering our body they begin to modify our natural cells to form a new type. The developed forms of these new cells will eventually become what are known as cancer (cancer cells), diabetes and other pale degenerate diseases.

Upon them colonizing the body, they set up a new government with new rules and new demands, contrasting to the natural biology. Their source of support or fuel (food) must be conducive to their biological structure; which is naturally found in the types that had originally created them. For example, cell cultures that were created from starch will crave starchy foods. Likewise, cell cultures that were created from any drug will crave that drug. This explains why people who grew up on starch, flesh and dairy finds it so difficult in giving them up.

Once the body has been colonized by foreign invaders, the constitution of your biology will change, mentally, spiritually and physically. The characteristics of a parasite (colonizer) is deceptive, savage, ruthless (disease), anti-nature and is therefore anti-Melanin. These are the qualities you will also find in people whose body has been colonized. Whether, they are projected outward (conflict or genocide) or internally through self defeat (disease or self-hatred), regardless, the confirmation is evident.

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