Diseases Are Encouraged By Mental Defeat

Diseases Are Encouraged By Mental Defeat

Defeat comes from having doubt. People have to always be very mindful of their mental state in any giving situation. The power of one’s mind is strong enough to suppress their own progression or free them of any barriers that stand against them.  Confidence is the greatest asset anyone can obtain in their effort to overcome obstacles. The first step towards improvement is to remove yourself from any mindset that does not nourish the confidences you need to flourish. Having doubt creates a prison for your cells which restricts their full potentials and ability to combat adversity, which ultimately will affect you spiritually, mentally and physically.

This rule also applies equally in the context of health. Eating right or taking herbs will be less effective if you are doubtful of their capabilities and power. Believing with strong conviction that you will overcome is a very important part of the healing process. Otherwise, having doubt will not only prevent you from healing but will make your condition worse. Bear in mind that most people, whose health took a toll from having certain diseases actually happened after finding out that they have the disease (diagnosed). This is primarily due to mental defeat from them giving up hope.

People will always perceive reality based on their level of understanding. Both fear and confidence are generated precisely from this state of being. When your mindset and level of understanding are trapped within the confines of the western medical industry, you are inviting and hosting your own defeat. In their world, diseases are superior and incurable, unlike our world, where we know for a fact that any disease can easily be removed from the body. This is something that has been proven by the greats among us, including Dr. Sebi, Dr. Jewel Pookrum, and others. If you believe that the disease will eventually win, having this mindset will force you to submit to defeat quickly. But having the knowledge of knowing that the body can overcome any disease is the first and one of the most important steps towards recovery.

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