Don’t Be Discouraged By the Dissatisfied

Don’t Be Discouraged By the Dissatisfied

Forget about trying to please everyone, push that aside, for it is a task unobtainable. Instead, concentrate your energy on doing what’s right. People will always be displeased regardless of the path you take, the views you hold, or whatever sacrifices you may have made for their sake. Don’t measure your accomplishments based on the appreciation from others. Neither should you dependent it to motivate you… and if so, you will not endure. Let "for the sake of righteousness" be the fuel that keeps the fire inside you burning. Only then will it burn forever; otherwise, it will fade quickly in time. In life, the greatest reward is a peace of mind, which can only be obtained by way of doing what’s right.

Avoid trying to find happiness in that which comes with the possibility of great pain and regrets. Learn to extract happiness by way of offering love. True happiness comes from the satisfaction of knowing that you have played your part. Just waking up and knowing that you have not caused hurt or injury to anyone, but have only helped those who you can help, is truly a great blessing.

We cannot escape our conscience, it was there in the beginning with us and it will be there at the end. It is our best friend and also our worst enemy. It is up to us all to decide which side of our conscience we rather be on; but regardless, we cannot escape it. Either, it is going reward us with a sense of internal peace and harmony or it punishes us with torment.

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