Good Cookware and Bad Cookware

Good Cookware and Bad Cookware

Imagine making the sacrifice of purchasing the best quality foods because you are trying to live well, but only to find out that the cookware you are using is releasing toxic chemicals in your foods? Non-stick cookware has become a well-received trend for quite some time. People love the idea of their food not sticking in their pots, which of course makes cleaning up hassle free. Teflon is the leader of the new age of non-stick cookware. Though Teflon relieves people of one problem, it yet creates a much greater one that everyone needs to be concerned about.

Teflon contains multiple toxic chemicals that get released into your food as well as the air once it is heated. One of the most hazardous chemicals present in Teflon is known as Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), a cancer-causing agent. PFOA is also found in some pipe waters. Research has shown that this manmade chemical causes kidney, prostate and testicular cancer; also, high blood pressure and other biological diseases. Aluminum based cookware is also not a good suggestion. It too will also adversely affect your body, contributing to problems such as memory loss. You should also avoid any cookware that strips, those flakes do get into your food then into your body.

The best cookware we would recommend is those made with cast iron. They are pretty reasonable, and they are made from a material that is highly stable. For baking, glass is a good option. The next best option is stainless steel, and like cast iron, it is very durable.

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