Herbs for the Womb: Getting Rid of Fibroid Tumors

Herbs for the Womb: Getting rid of Fibroid Tumors

Studies have shown that Indigenous women are at a much greater risk of having fibroid tumors (uterine fibroids) than others. The rate of women diagnosed with fibroid tumors is three times higher for Indigenous women. Studies have also linked the use of “hair relaxers” as being a major contributing factor of this epidemic. Poor health in general is the ultimate issue; due to Indigenous people’s adaptation of the westernized anti-Melanin dietary culture.

Fibroid tumors contribute to many common issues such as prolonged menstruation, heavy menstrual bleeding, cramps during menstruation, lower back pain, infertility and miscarriages.

The dark womb is a very sacred place and it should be treated as such. This is where life is formed; it is a microcosmic representation of the macrocosmic dark womb known as space, which sparks the existence of all life forms. The condition of a woman’s womb affects her entire state of being, spiritually, mentally and physically. Once a Indigenous woman entertains the consumption of junk foods, she is in direct violation of her divine status as the great mother and goddess. Taking care of the womb should be among a woman’s top priorities; both for her health and for the health of the spirits (babies) that are materialized in her womb.

Previously, we briefly spoke about how some herbs targets specific regions of the body, well, when it comes to targeting the womb, red raspberry is chief. Red raspberry is known as the uterine tonic because of the outstanding effect it has on the womb (uterus). Red raspberry is packed with minerals including: alpha-carotenes, beta-carotenes, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamins E and C. It should be a custom for all Indigenous women to have red raspberry leaf teas in their household at all times. And if it is not one of your favorite tea, then you should make it one…

Estrogen based birth controls pills are also proven to be a major culprit of fibroid tumors; by creating unnatural levels of estrogen in the body. To rid the body of the excessive amounts of estrogen, you can take the following herbs: burdock root, dandelion, milk thistle and yellow dock.

Below is a list of herbs that are very good for the womb and also for shrinking uterine fibroids:

Castor Oil
Heat is necessary in the effort of ridding the body free of uterine fibroids. The use of warmed castor oil (castor oil pack) applied externally on the abdomen provides a very effective way of shrinking the tumors.

Shrinks small intramural and subserous fibroids, these are two of the three types of fibroid tumors.  In the event of excessive estrogen, it increases progesterone and decreases estrogen levels.

Red Raspberry
When it comes to the womb, this herb does it all. It strengthens the walls of the uterus, prevents excessive menstrual bleeding, menstrual cramps andbalances the reproductive organs; it is an anti-inflammatory and much more.

Shepherd’s Purse
Apart from just destroying fibroid tumors, this herb is very effective with the clotting of the blood, which normalizes the flow of blood and prevents heavy bleeding during menstruation.

Wild Alum Root
Uterine fibroids are really sores filled with mucus in the uterus. Wild alum root has historically been used as a vicious enemy against sores and ulcer.

Witch Hazel
This herb does not need any introduction, witch hazel is pretty much good for everything especially sores and inflammation, just like what is found a the sites of fibroid tumors. It is a must have in the fight to shrink tumors.

  • Rumonda

    Are you to blend these Items for fibroids? Are they to be use separately and how ate you to use the witch hazel and other items listed.

    • Greetings Rumonda,
      I would combine them… but taking them separately also works. But each one you take I would suggest to combine it with the red raspberry. Concerning the witch hazel, I am talking about the herbal form, which can be taken with any other herbs.

  • Jessica Reid

    I was told I have very large fibroids and they want to remove them surgically. Don’t they always want to cut us open? Would these herbs help to shrink and eventually heal them? What about Black Mission Figs?

    • Greeting Jessica, The herbs that are provided are for the purpose of shrinking fibroid tumors. However, we do not make diagnoses or make personal recommendations, especially, when not knowing the severity of someone’s problem. We only provide necessary information and leave it up to you to decide. Our blessings go out to you and hope for the best. If there is anything else you would like us to assist you with, please use our contact form to send us a direct message. Concerning your question
      about figs, they are excellent.

    • Tawana

      Jessica mission figs will help. Take three a day, but also take dairy out of your diet

  • Public_Programming

    I’ve tried all the herbs mentioned to no avail. Mine were too far gone and too many. The problem is no one tells you how much of these herbs to take and how consistently. It usually takes fibroids years to grow and it takes just as long or longer for herbs to work. Some people need help ASAP. The heavy bleeding eventually causes Anemia, iron deficiency, and a host of other issues.The surgical procedures are improving, but you have to research the best one for you. Check out minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries by fertility specialists only. Once the fibroids are out you can focus on keeping your body fibroid free. Don’t fool around with docs trying to convince you of hysterectomies.

    • Tawana

      I take mission figs three times a day, fresh mission figs along with raspberry tea and it works. You have to have an aggressive approach to get rid of them. Start there sis. Happy healing

      • Public_Programming

        How long did you see results on a diet of only mission figs and raspberry tea?

    • Frida

      You need to do a cleanse or a fast. This means consuming only the herbs mentioned. Some herbs can be steeped overnight or for a shorter period then consumed the next day. Aqiyl Aniys has a book called Alkaline Herbal Medicine that describes several types of herbs, their uses and dosages. Other than that, I would recommend a lot of research on individual herbs

  • LizzyPoo

    How many figs should we eat 3x’s throughout the day?
    Also did you have success in shrinking? What size are or were your fibroids.


  • Ymani

    The Womb Sauna Womb Steam has helped a great number of women heal their fibroids and has a 90% rate of success after the third steam. Many of the herbs listed are infused to target the womb directly with The Womb Sauna vaginal steam. They are also ingested through the skin throughout the sauna, since you will be covered from the neck down. The Womb Sauna is NOT your average vaginal steam. Go to TheWombSauna.com to find a practioner near you. I am a certified practioner in Philadelphia.

    • Blackseed Diet

      Greetings Ymani, Thank you for sharing this information.

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