Homeschooling VS. Public Schooling

Homeschooling VS. Public Schooling

The choice between homeschooling vs. public schooling is not really a black and white decision. There are both advantages as well as disadvantages that exist on both sides. Public schools can be very damaging to the minds of an innocent youth. We understand that sometimes, in these types of environments, children do not get the right attention they need that will help to propel them to higher levels of excellence.

Most parents who have made the decision to homeschool their children do so due to having these types of concerns, which of course are very reasonable. However, one of the main problems with homeschooling is, not all parents are qualified to teach their children to the extent of what public schools may offer.

Despite the dysfunctional environment of public schooling, it yet offers children the privilege to compete with the rest of the world in real time. Children, like everyone else, need to compete with each other. Healthy competition stimulates mental growth; this is what challenges people to constantly excel beyond their assumed points of limitation. If you do not allow your child to compete, the world will certainly pass them by.

Public schooling also gives children a wider range of updated tools that allows them to harness their greater potentials. Homeschooling a child is good when he or she is at a more delicate stage in their development.

Whether you choose to homeschool your children or send them off to the public schools, the important thing to do is to always monitor their experience. Make sure that your child leaves home with a strong knowledge of self and fully understand their purpose in life.

  • Oju Ymani Efunyale

    Thank you for this post. We either homeschooled or small scale privately educated our son until the 5th grade. He then (and still) attended an Afrikan Centered charter school.

    In my experience, educating my son through one on one instruction in his formative years put him lightyears ahead of his peers in public school. Therefore he has no real competition. He outpaces everyone in his class.

    He just graduated to 8th grade this month. He tested on a 12th grade reading level on his last standardized test… in seventh grade.

    What he has learned while there, however, is some very bad social habits. In order to fit in he changed the way he spoke and behaved in order not to be ridiculed. Although, he knows for sure that he was being ridiculed because he outshined his classmates. The ones who teased him were the lowest performing students in class and his presence made them very aware of that.

    He will continue to attend his current school through 8th grade, because he enjoys being the leader of the drum circle and playing team sports. However, we are not sending him to a public high school. We plan to enroll him in Aya Ed online school and have him take classes at the local community college which has a home school program.

    But thats just our experience.

    • Greetings Oju Ymani Efunyale, Thank you for sharing – very good. You are
      an example of the qualified and responsible. The odds are always very
      strong (unfortunately), but the prepared mind that you are building in
      your child will pay exceedingly. Just continue to monitor his journey
      and be the guide he needs. Public schools can be a very vicious
      environment for the civilized child; unfortunately, that is a part of
      the struggle that we must continue to fight.

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