How Wearing High Heels Affects Your Health

How Wearing High Heels Affects Your Health

Wearing high heels forces the body into a very unnatural posture. According to the natural design of the human body, the feet must always be flat on the ground when standing instead of being tilted. Humans are not supposed to walk around on tiptoes, which is the exact posture that is adapted when wearing high heels. Once the natural positioning is broken everything else in the body will be affected; it throws the spine out of alignment, and also the uterus. Unequivocally, this also prevents many organs from performing they way they should; all due to the fact that this violation throws the entire body off balance.

Wearing high heels displaces the pelvis and damages its surrounding muscles. The misalignment of the womb is caused by this, and it contributes to many health issues. It weakens the uterus, which inhibits the mother’s ability to carry her fetus. It may also cause miscarriage, birth defects, premature birth, and excessive pain during labor, pain during menstruation and even fertility problems.

Tilting the feet will try to force the body to adapt accordingly to this new and unnatural posture. The spine will try to reshape itself, which only puts a significant amount of strain on it. Most women, who wear high heels, develop increasing pains in their lower back region. The lower back and around the reproductive area pays the highest price for this unnatural concept of fashion.

It is a concept that damages the spine, which leads to countless amounts of problems. And most are still unaware of the fact that it may be due to the wearing of high heels. Some of these problems include headaches, numbness, vision impairment, fatigue, sleep disorder and many more.

The spine is a part of the central nervous system along with the brain; together, they control everything in the human body. Therefore, by attacking the spine you are risking the health and proper functions of every organ in your entire body. Wearing high heels is undoubtedly an attack on the spine..

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