Embarrassed: I Fed My Family Lead and Poisonous Chemicals

Embarrassed: I Fed My Family Lead and Poisonous Chemicals

This is a personal experience that is quite embarrassing and disappointing for me. Nevertheless, it is an experience that must be shared so that others can learn from it. It all happened a few weeks ago. For days I was ignorantly consuming lead and other hazardous chemicals, and also feeding it to my family. The hazardous substances were believed to be in some hemp seeds products that I purchased online.

Recently, I went on to amazon.com and found a much better deal than the store I usually purchased my hemp seeds from. Before placing my order, I reviewed the product carefully as we have always suggested that everyone do. This is a routine for me, I did the research and everything seemed perfect.

Few days after placing my order, my package arrived and I started using it. During this time, there was one small detail on the package that I overlooked. There is no excuse for my ignorance, and I will not seek to find any. I am only stating this to prevent others from making the same mistake. There was a warning label on the package (see image below), but where it was located led me to assume (ignorance) that it isn’t anything of real importance. I thought it was probably instructions on how to open the package because it was located at the top of the bag where the seal is; a very odd place to put something so important. Due to carefully reviewing the product, previously, I didn’t imagine anything of this magnitude to be on the package and not elsewhere. Meaning, if it is not noted before someone purchase the product, it shouldn’t be displayed after the purchase has already been made.

Warning Label The warning label on my package.

An assumption, in this context, is a practice of ignorance, I was practicing ignorance, of which I and very ashamed and guilty of. I jumped to a premature decision due to the fact that this product is said to be organic, and I was wrong… or at least, I thought I was.

Long story short: it turned out that I got lucky. The product didn’t actually contain lead or any other hazardous chemicals. I found this out after contacting the company that made the product. However, that is beside the point I am making. The point is I failed to read the all the provided information. That product could have contained these hazardous chemicals, and I would have been responsible for endangering the health of myself and those who I love. This is a lesson for all of us to learn from.

We live in very dangerous times, it is very important to pay close attention and alleviate ourselves of ignorance. This is a message to you and also myself. I am very careful in this department of life, but as you can see, perfection is not there as yet. However, this experience has taught me to be even more careful and we hope you do the same.

In our next blog post, I will talk about this label and what does it really mean.

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