The Illegitimacy of IQ Testing

The Illegitimacy of IQ Testing
According to Wikipedia: An intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence. IQ testing has widely become a much respected system in this regard. Of course it is not surprising that the initiators and promoters of this standard, at an average, ranks higher above others, rendering them the superior intellects. How wonderful it must be for them and their peers to have full accessibility and control of the system that validates human’s intelligence?
An IQ test is limited to the intelligence of the person(s) who have created it. Someone’s level of intelligence cannot be qualified by the intelligence of another person, not unless that person is God. It is arrogant of anyone to even conceive the notion, believing that they are so superior that they are in the position to define human’s intelligence by a test that they (themselves) have created.
Another problem with this concept is, people think and process information differently among each other. How one person solves a problem is more likely different from how the next person does it. The framing of a question is directly related to how it will be solved. And, how that individual would frame a question is determined by that person’s unique perception. Therefore, it makes it unfair for that person to judge other’s intelligence based on that unique perception. In more basic terms, I am saying that the average person do not think or process information the same. Knowing this fact negates the idea of a standardized system of validation that applies equally for everyone.

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