Marijuana’s Benefits and the Proper Usage

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After so many centuries of constant battle, some States have taken the initiative to legalize marijuana. Marijuana is one of the most powerful herbs against almost any disease you can think of. It protects the brain from stroke related damages, concussions and trauma. Marijuana is very effective against diseases such as: glaucoma, cancer, epileptic seizures, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, lupus, anxiety, muscle spasms, Parkinson’s, HIV, migraines, inflammatory bowel, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C and bad breath.  
Though marijuana is an extremely powerful herb, like any other herbs, there are guidelines on how to use it. Many people tend to use the wonderful benefits of marijuana as a means to justify smoking it. However, inhaling the smoke of any herb or plant is never the correct way of using it. Herbs are to be taken in liquid forms or gasses (evaporated liquids/steam). Smoke causes combustion upon entering the body which can be very dangerous for the lung.
When you burn something it is only for the purpose of getting rid of it or destroying it. You can burn something to produce fire, the fire is useful but the element that is being burnt will eventually be destroyed. Burning is not a recyclable process in nature, when you burn anything in nature, nothing is benefited. Not the air, soil, water, humans or animals. The burning of a forest is an example of this. Whenever a forest is burnt it retards the rejuvenation process of the soil and trees.
The same rules applies when you burn marijuana, you don’t get the full benefits that it has to offer. As opposed to consuming marijuana in liquid form, when you smoke it, you suffer unnatural side effects such as uncontrollable cravings and deep paranoia.

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