Melanin Intelligence 101

Melanin Intelligence 101

Melanin expresses and camouflages itself in all the different shades of color that exist in nature. Beneath the camouflage, Melanin is always present in its most original form, pure Blackness. Regardless of what color is adapted by Melanin, in the time of emergency, it often takes on the appearance of its original form entirely for the purpose of preserving the health of whatever organism it is in. This process can be identified by observing the darkening of wounded areas in organisms such as trees, fruits, vegetables, animals, humans, etc.

Let us use avocados (fruit) as a case study, for the sake of clarity. If the skin of an avocado is secured, the speed of its decay is slower compared to if it was cut open. An avocado that is freshly cut will have a green and yellowish color inside. Shortly after that, it begins to turn – dark (see image 2), caused by the process of oxidation. The darkness that covers the avocado is Melanin, concentrated. This Melanin is not contributing to the death of the avocado; it is doing the opposite, it is trying to preserve its health. The Melanin within the flesh of the avocado adapts the job of the Melaninated skin (cell membrane) of the avocado, which is to preserve the health of the avocado and retard the process of oxidation.

Melanin Intelligence 101

Image 2: Avocado darkens

We know this because once you remove the dark pigmented covering layer (See image 3), directly under it is as fresh as when the avocado was first cut open. The Melanin within the avocado concentrates itself to form a protective layer to prevent any further oxidation from occurring.

Melanin Intelligence 101

Image 3: Dark layer of avocado from “image 2” is removed

There are very simple things we can do in our daily lives that will open up different channels in our brain and improve its power. The mission is simple, whatever you are used to doing a specific way, trying doing it another way. Whatever activities you are used to doing with the right side of your body, trying doing it with the left and vice versa.

The same thing occurs with the apple (see image 4) as well as other fruits and vegetables. The dark pigment that is formed also serves the purpose of allowing it to absorb more light which helps to preserve the health of the organism.

Melanin Intelligence 101

Image 4

Another instant in which we see the similar intellectual occurrence of Melanin, is in the human skin. When any part of the skin is damaged (bruised, cut, irritated, infected, etc.) you also see the same concentration of Melanin just the same as how it does with other species (see image 5). The concentration of Melanin forms itself around the affected area to heal it. And if that area never recovers a hundred percent, seamlessly, the concentrated Melanin likewise stays their forever.

Melanin Intelligence 101

Image 5

Similar occurrence also takes place among other species such as reptiles. Certain reptiles become really dark whenever they sense danger and they have to enable their greater potentials (senses and reflex).

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