Remedy for Thyroid Disorders

Remedy for Thyroid Disorders

According to The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, at least 30 million Americans suffers from thyroid disorders. Having this problem can severely affect the health of your body in many different ways if not treated. Thyroid disorders can affect the reproductive system, cause heavy menstrual periods, weight problems, insomnia, depression, low energy, hot flashes, mood swings, hair loss, constipation, memory problems, fatigue, muscle cramps, dry skin, high blood pressure, nervousness, low libido, sleep disorder, and high cholesterol.

Women constitute 80 percent of all the people who are diagnosed with thyroid problems. Women are also said to be five times more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism than their male counterpart. Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone.

The thyroid gland, which is located below your neck, in front of your larynx, is responsible for regulating the body’s metabolism and growth. Despite that thyroid disorders are very common and potentially dangerous; it is not very hard to revive the health of the thyroid gland back to optimal health.

The mineral that keeps the thyroid healthy is iodine, which can be found in abundance in seaweeds, including kelp, nori, wakame and sea moss. From this list of seaweeds, we have found sea moss to be the most effective. There are quite a few cases where we have seen people repair their thyroid gland using sea moss. This doesn’t mean that you have to use sea moss to achieve good results, just try to incorporate more foods that are rich in iodine into your diet. Since it is such a common problem, you should be doing it regardless if you are diagnosed with thyroid disorders or not.

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