Save the Youths, Save the Future

Save the Youths, Save the Future

One of the most pervasive flaws in our movement towards liberation is our ever continuing failure to acknowledge the educational deprivation of our youths. They have no culture of their own and are forced to embrace only that of foreigners. Oppression is not restricted by age, it includes everyone, and we must never forget this. Children are targeted through the different strange avenues of education and entertainment, with the intentions to corrupt. Disproportionately, most of our combating literature against oppression is tailored for adults, and that is a major problem, an extremely severe one. Once our children are left out, this means, we are designing a future for failure.

The movement towards creating more literature for children, including children story books, must be taken seriously. Literature that is meant for children is supposed to educate and instill a sense of morality within them. Most of the common literature children are exposed to today fail to do this, while only succeeding in doing quite the opposite. These types of literature are void of value and are only filled with hidden messages that are corrupting the minds of the youth. They are tools of confusion, impractical and irrational in every sense, completely lacking actual meaning that can be tied back to reality with critical messages that children can learn from.

Everyone who is out there publishing books should always include some for children. This is why our first book, The Kingdom of Pineal, is designated primarily for children and young adults. We hope that it also inspires more people to do the same because it is necessary.

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