Sex Experts with Polluted Wombs

Sex Experts with Polluted Wombs

Tell them to stop corrupting our children. I am talking about those damaged souls who are in search of preys to join them in their desolate place. Hurt people like to hurt others because they don’t like feeling alone in their state of debauchery.

People who live their lives carelessly do not like the company of the innocent, those who have traveled the straight and narrow path. The presence of those with pride amplifies the shame they feel from their soiled lifestyle.

The only way for them to escape such torment or feel better is by encouraging others to be like them. Their intention is to dirty the entire stream. They know that when the entire river is dirty; they will be no more fingers to point because everyone will be covered in the same shame. That’s the objective, to dirty your clean glass of water, and they are finding creative ways to do so.

“Slut culture”, under the guise of “exploring sexuality”, is an example of such effort. Unless it is in the context of health, sex is not something you have to ever teach someone about. It is a natural function that takes its own course.

There is absolutely no need to tell someone to explore their sexuality unless you have an intention to corrupt their mind. How about teaching the youths how to take care of their womb and entire reproductive system?

There are so many health-related topics within this area of study, which they could be teaching. But no, they rather teach people how to exploit their own body and divinity for vain pleasure.

Tell them to leave our children alone, let the youth be innocent and special. Your body is your temple, not a playground for everyone to run in and out of. It is within the nature of a civilized being to be very selective about whom they choose to share this sacred space and experience with.

I assure you that these over-sexualized women don’t even know the first step in taking care of their womb. If they did, they would have felt the scorn of giving random people access to it.

  • Public_Programming

    Although I understand the intention, this blog post misses the mark. Why does this post only blame women for corrupting these children? Why not also chastise the male coaches, pastors, deacons, etc. that you hand your child off to everyday? They are doing way more corrupting than the sex ed teacher, who is forced to do her job for a paycheck.

    • Henry Hibbert

      This person missing the whole idea what blackseeddiet is saying.Blackseeddiet just used one example to prove a point,not that men don’t contribute to the cause.

      • Greetings Henry, thank you for explaining, much appreciated.

    • Day Walker

      Do you even see in society what the role women are playing.. and you choose to attempted to divert attention to the men once again in this comment?? It is written all over your it. Now more than ever men are missing from the homes and even in the classrooms and you still direct negative energy towards them. Maybe you are one of those people that this post was talking about.. lets blame the men. You do know women with strong foundations and faith in their belief, won’t let any type of man take advantage of them. The ones with strong cultures wouldn’t even have a problem with this.. for example, mexicans, south americans, asians and dare i say europeans (you get the jist) not the north americans and the ones who follow the western cultures.. the defile type of ressonances they carry around like it was the cooties. And no one is forced to do anything, its a choice.. and your choice will manifest your decision later.

  • Day Walker

    May I ask how does one or where does fibroid develop from?

    I will study this more on my own, but.. I met a young lady, well older than me but young b4 i knew that lol had dealt with this for over a decade and if i take a word for it (which i do), was never involved in this slut-culture although she found herself doing other things that might have instigated the tumors, and then one of her doctors literally made it worst by extending her appointments by making redates and check ups and prescribing her B.C.P.s I almost time traveled the moment she said that. All that would be left behind was my fingers and palm imprints around his kneck.

    • Greetings Day Walker, there are various contributing factors. Here are a few of the most common causes, poor food, chemicals used to perm hair and certain type’s contraceptives. More info and remedies:

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