Why Smoking is Never the Right Option

Why Smoking is Never an Option

Whether a plant or substance is natural or artificial does not justify smoking it. Regardless of its essence, smoking is never the right way for consumption. Before anyone can attempt to justify smoking, they have to first explain how smoke is processed by the human body.

The body has built-in mechanisms to digest solid food, liquid (or steam), air (or gas) and last but not least, light. The digestion process of each one of these elements can be explained and the mechanisms that are responsible for their processing can likewise be easily identified. For example, let us take a very basic look at the processing of air. Each time we inhale air, it first enters our nasal passage; then goes through our trachea and into our lungs where it gets absorbed by our alveoli before entering our bloodstream.

The critical problem with smoke is that there isn’t any mechanism in the body to digest it. In fact, smoking interrupts the body’s ability to process air. This explains why people who smoke, whether cigarettes or marijuana has some degree of breathing complication, which becomes more apparent when they try to exercise. Smoking destroys the microscopic air sacs in the lungs known as alveoli (as previously mentioned). The alveoli play a vital role in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

  • KingCraftN

    Does it affect us through 2nd hand too?…..and what If you stop smoking and exercise more often, does the alveoli repairs itself?

    • Greeting KingCraftN,
      The answer to both questions is yes.

      • KingCraftN

        Thanks and peace. I have just one more question to ask you, if you don’t mind me asking?….it’s a nasal question.

        • Absolutely not, we don’t mind helping whenever we can. Thank you for your modesty.

          • KingCraftN

            No problem, Their are times my nasal feels congested, doesn’t matter what season, I’m not allergic to anything, I’ve never smoked or drink (only about 4 times which were sips, hate the taste of alcohol because of “people”). Not sure what it is but I’m going to guess its mucus (inflammation)?
            Thanks, appreciate it. Like the website by the way too, very informative.

          • Thank you again for your kind words, very encouraging. NASAL QUESTION: I will refrain from giving you a definitive answer because there are other possibilities. But I will say that mucus is absolutely the most likely culprit. Make sure to avoid, starch, dairy, meat, allergens and humid environments (indoors). Drinking herbal teas before sleep and inhaling oils such as eucalyptus oil will help.

          • KingCraftN

            I will definitely try those things. Thanks again.

  • Sp

    This site is dope do you guys know any other ones like this one?

    • Greetings SP, Thanks you for your kind words. At this point,
      unfortunately no… not as a collective, but there are many sites that offers the individual services that we offer.

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