Super Hero vs. Super Ego and the Chosen One Complex

Super Hero vs. Super Ego and the Chosen One Complex

Labeling someone as a superhero doesn’t only credit them to being a hero, but an even greater representation of a hero – a superior hero. The title hero is a status of nobility that should only be reserved for those who adhere to the virtues of good moral conduct. These are people who are modeled examples… that children can idolize and fashion themselves after.

Hollywood’s idea of heroism that is displayed in their movies is only an example of vain egotism. It is delivered by mere attention seeking and power thirsty individuals who suffer from a “chosen one complex” and a “superior complex” mentality. These are individuals who have desperately and constantly find ways to shamelessly promote themselves as superior figures.  The power that someone has doesn’t define heroism; instead, it is how they choose to apply that power. The irresponsible senseless violence that is displayed by these so-called superheroes is a very poor application of power.

It is undeniable that these movies are very entertaining. But be very careful of them because they are designed to target the subconscious mind and corrupt its perception of reality. This is why fans of these movies react to the actors so excitingly because they have subconsciously attached the actors to the fictitious characters they play in movies. These movies also distinctively and remarkably expose the gift and power of deception that we all need to pay very close attention to.

The representation of a hero in Hollywood movies portrays people who are reckless, immoral, violent, disloyal, disobedient and unfaithful; tremendously lacking the qualities of nobility. Just think about what this does to the subconscious mind, especially to the mind of a child when we refer to these uncivilized behaviors as examples of heroism. Regardless if these characters are fictitious or real, they still have a profound effect on the subconscious mind and will distort a child’s perception of heroism and nobility.

There are a lot of parents who like to decorate the environment of their children with imagery of these super ego characters and that is very dangerous. It is not healthy to embrace illusion and to induce the innocent mind of a child into this vain fictitious world. It is almost the same as embracing the superstitious religions that so many of us condemn. Like many adults, children will try to live vicariously through these super ego characters and that is very unhealthy. Furthermore, it is very disappointing to live vicariously through an illusion, an even worse, and an idea that is not of your own culture.

This is why we have to make the distinction and add clarity to the message we deliver. We have to separate heroism from egotism, and thus far Hollywood has only produced super-ego (super-ego movies) and not superheroes. We have to be serious about our language, its influence and the impact it has because words do have power.

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