The Bible and the Eating of Meat

The Bible and the Eating of Meat

Even if the Bible does support the eating of meat, such advice is not in the context of the modern world and the common choices we have. What most people are referring to as meat today are not real meat, they are hybrid animals – a bastardization of Nature and an abomination. Before you even begin to talk about whether or not meat should be eaten, you should first discuss if what you are calling meat is, in fact, meat (natural meat).

Let us also make it clear that the Bible is neither a replacement nor substitute for reality. Nothing is above reality; reality is the purest form of truth. Regardless of what the Bible says about eating meat shouldn’t matter to us as long as the answer is already validated by reality. And according to reality, meat is proven to be poisonous to the human body. Now, should you instead follow a book that tells you otherwise, because it is considered holy?

That is a choice that we all have to decide for ourselves. But if you are going to eat meat, at least make sure that it is natural. In this case, we recommend that you restrict your diet to eating fish as your only meat-kind.

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