The One Meal per Day Problem

The One Meal per Day Problem

Only eating one meal per day has a lot of health benefits but it is not always an ideal practice for some people. Eating seldomly gives your body adequate time to rest and it also encourages a clean digestive tract, which of course is very vital for good health. But before diving into this routine there are other important factors that you may want to keep into consideration.

Not eating frequently is very important, but so the need for your cells to receive proper nourishment daily. Depending on the geographical location of which you reside and the potency of your food, eating this way can be risky.

Living in colder climates with very limited Sunlight exposure and poorer quality foods makes the decision to only eat once per day a very questionable one. While you may benefit in one way from it, you may hurt yourself in another, precisely from poor nutrition. It is quite possible that the one meal you are having daily is not enough, relative to the quality of it.

Living in colder regions means that your foods have to compensate for the Sunlight that the body is being deprived of. Preferably, two meals would be better than just having one, under these types of circumstances. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be having two heavy meals. You have to find the right balance by eating enough to properly feed your cells while at the same time not burdening your body or disrupting your circadian rhythm.

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