The Police and the Position of Power

The Police and the Position of Power

A person with good intent will do good regardless of the position or environment they are in. Likewise, anyone with bad intent will try to utilize any advantage that is made available to them to carry out their evil deeds. One of the major problems some of us suffer from is the inability to separate the mind of an individual from the means or tools they use to execute their will. Consequently, while we continue to demonize these weapons that can be used for good, others with evil intent are using them to their advantage, and especially against us.

The nature of any power is determined by the mind of the individual that holds that position, it is not the clothes they wear, not the building they operate from or the badges they wear. The same applies to any organization; an organization does not have a mind of its own. The nature of an organization is determined by the nature of the people within it.

The reason we are being slaughtered by evil police is because we are not the police. When we should have been concentrating our focus on occupying these seats of power (police, political figures, etc) we instead condemn them. When you consistently condemn organizations, which are really just positions of power, you are only discouraging good people from becoming the power that can direct a healthy change. The police are not an enemy; it is simply a position of authority and power that we need to infiltrate and remove those with bad intent. Our war is not against the police, but against the evil who have occupied this seat of power. We need to become the police, judges, lawyers, doctors, politicians, scientists, teachers and everything else that have the power to affect change. And if we fail to occupy these positions of power then the enemy will, and we have already seen the very unfortunate consequences of that.

  • Gail Ageday

    I agree 100%

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