The Rap Culture Controversy and Misconception

The Rap Culture Controversy and Misconception

Rappers, specifically mainstream rappers, are always blamed for the dysfunctional music they produce. Everyone has a responsibility, and you must always hold people accountable for their actions. Rappers are no exception to this rule, it is absolutely right to blame them when they fail to uphold virtue. However, while we steadily place our focus on rappers, let us not be distracted and lose sight of the real culprits of this deplorable culture.

Most people, in their constant battle against mainstream rappers, are forgetting one important factor that should never be overlooked. Regardless of the elevated status of any rapper, in the end, they are all employees of a corporation.

The executives of the rap industry are the employers, and the rappers are the employees. The important question we should all be asking is… why this industry only hire, or invest more in rappers (employees) who are proven to be dysfunctional? There are good and bad in everything, there are good rappers and there are also bad rappers. Therefore, it is only right that we question the motives of this industry and their hiring policies. We have to ask them, why the only choose from among the bad and dysfunctional? We should also direct the same concerns to the radio stations that only plays and promote the dysfunctional sides of the rap culture.

People are always talking about how the rap industry is filthy, but then they only divert their attention towards the rappers, not the employers of these rappers. That is a major problem because the employers are the real influence, dictators and trend setters of the rap industry. They are the ones who dictates what the rappers should rap about, not necessary verbally, but through funding.

There are some many good and wholesome rappers, who would love to be employed by anyone of these companies. But the rap industry refuses to hire them, and when they occasionally do, they barely invest any money in them, to the same degree as the “sex, guns and vanity” rappers.

Whenever you listen to mainstream rap, you are literally listening to someone’s playlist or choice of music. Precisely, you are listening to executives of the rap industry’s playlist and the types of music they choose to fund and promote.  There is a difference between rap culture and the industrialization of rap music.  If you want to know why mainstream rap culture is deplorable, you should ask the industry’s employers why they only hire deplorable rappers.

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