The Socialization of Diet

The Socialization of Diet
Judging by the depiction of dietary practices today, it is quite obvious that people believe that their diet is an optional choice rather than an obligation. Their decision is based upon whether they like a certain food or not. We may be allowed to eat whatever we choose to eat but that doesn’t make it right for us. None of us have the power to force our body into accepting what we think it should be using for fuel (food).
Diet is not a social choice; it is a calculated scientific obligation consists of set rules that are prescribed for specific biological makeup. We don’t get to choose what we should to eat, our body does. We can be disrespectful of our biological integrity but regardless we will always be subjected to its fate. We get sick when it gets sick, we live when it lives and we die when it dies.
Our diet isn’t like a pair of shoes or a shirt we choose to wear; we don’t choose our diet it chooses us. And that choice is not through free will but based upon our specific biology. Our diet is assigned to us by nature and it is for us to respect.

  • Jamal

    Hey my wife is pregnant and I just wanted to know what would be the best things for her to eat and if you know any remedies that may help with her nausea. Thanks!

    • nucovenantdiet

      Greetings Jamal,

      Congratulations… may many blessings be upon you
      and your family.

      You will get results from the following: Anise tea, Ginger, Peppermint, Lime, Raspberry leaf and Chamomile. These will work better if she is already eating healthy. Also, staying away from fried foods.

      • Jamal

        Thank you! Peace and longevity to Nu-Covenant.

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