Using Your Weight as a Dietary Guide

Using Your Weight as a Dietary Guide
God does not create stress for us; it is only a consequence of our own disobedience (sin). Likewise, there isn’t any food made by our Creator that creates a stressful biological environment for us. Being overweight causes tremendous stress on our body, especially for the heart, and also every organ that is responsible for maintaining our health.
Food that are fattening should be looked at as “stress foods” because stress is the ultimate consequence for consuming them.
Once you understand this basic principle then it will become easier to understand that such food should not be eaten. Our Creator does not create or encourages stress except in the instance of punishment for ones sin. This is a system that will help you to determine whether certain foods should be eaten or not. There isn’t any food that is prescribed by our Creator for us to eat that produces weight greater than our body can comfortably manage.

Let us take a quick look in nature to help substantiate my point. The only species in nature that becomes overweight are domesticated animals. Those who were forced outside of their natural means by their masters. All species that eat what they are supposed to eat does not become overweight from their food. Animals that were designed to eat flesh does not become overweight from eating it, neither does animals that were designed to eat vegetables or fruits. Only domesticated animals and humans become overweight, which is a proven sign that we are not eating what we are supposed to eat.
Given this point of reference and understanding automatically tells us that dairy is one of, if not the most vicious “stress food”. And let’s not forget about flesh and starches, our most common demons; they too are “stress foods”.

  • Ayanda Mkhonza

    Hi. Today I just wanted to point out something. A common error in some of your blogs that I have come to notice. Nothing BIG, but very noticeable since you do it all the time.

    Sometimes when I read your Blogs, I read with assumption that all words are correct, but at times I see a word that is in correct, so much so that I blame myself for not reading within the context. So naturally I would start from the previous Full Stop… Only to find out that its not me, its the word that is incorrect.

    It’s pretty funny really, because I saw it on your vey 1st Blog, and dismissed it, thinkng… Everyone makes mistakes. But more and more I keep seeing the same mistake feature in multiple Blog Articles.

    So what is it, you may ask? Well, the mistake is with the word CURTAIN vs CERTAIN. Every time I know you mean to say “CERTAIN” when you say CURTAIN. So that’s my melanin overriding the mistake… But at times when see and read that word, my mind literally shows me CURTAINS and WINDOWS when I see it… Which is why this time I felt like letting you know.

    English is not our mother tongue, nor is it our mothers tongue… But for all I know, I’m just helping where I can.

    Don’t take this the wrong way.

    uKuthula Kube Nawe.

    • nucovenantdiet

      Greetings Ayanda,

      You are absolutely right. Thanks for catching that. Respectful
      corrections should never be taken the wrong way. We appreciate it and will make the necessary corrections.

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