Evil in the Needle: What You Should Know About Vaccines

What You Should Know About Vaccines

There are numerous claims that vaccines contributes to many different illnesses. Whether are not this is proven to be true does not denounce the fact that the concept of vaccination is very dangerous for the human body. Within our aspirations to become more knowledgeable, learning about vaccines is absolutely one of the necessary steps we have to take and should never ignore.

How do vaccines work?
Whenever a germ, bacteria or virus enters the human body the immune system keeps a memory of it and then produces antibodies to protect us against future attack from any of these specific threats. The concept of vaccination plays on the advantage of the body’s antibody function. Scientists believe that by injecting a small portion of the germ of whatever disease they are trying to prevent into the body, it will then cause the immune system (antibodies) to build up a resistance against it. Therefore, this will prevent any future outbreak of that particular disease.

Why are vaccines bad?
In any battle, there are two qualities that are always necessary to become victorious. The first quality is, the ability to identify the enemy and secondly, the ability to defeat the enemy.

Vaccination is centered only on introducing the germ to the body and hope (gamble) that the immune system builds a defense against it. There is absolutely no guarantee that the immune system will have the strength to build this resistance. What do you think will happen if any germ enters the body and the body lacks the necessary strength (immunity) to combat it? The germ is alive and it will flourish in any environment that does not have the ability (strength) to defeat it.

Vaccines does not offer any help to the immune system, it doesn’t contain anything that strengthens it. Vaccination is bad for everyone but especially for people who are unhealthy, with weak immune system, which would be most of us due to poor diet. There is a great possibility that the epidemic of all these diseases that people are suffering from today is a result of all these germs that were injected into them as children and have now developed into greater threats.

You cannot plant a seed and never consider that it may grow into a tree one day.

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