When is it YOUR CULTURE?

When is it YOUR CULTURE?
My Culture… these are strong words and claims made by many of us, used to define the identity of who we are. But how does anyone come to the conclusion that a custom is in fact their culture? Cultures cannot be claimed on the account of time; your culture is not defined by how long you have been practicing it.
A culture becomes yours when it is rewarding, one that is cultivating, consisting of practices that embraces the health of your mind, body and spirit. If the culture you claim is destructive to you then this proves that it is not your culture but only an adapted foreign practice. Until you find a culture that respects you as much as you respect it and supports you as much as how you support it, then you have not yet found your culture.
When health, love, peace and harmony is steadily maintained, only then will you know you are practicing your rightful culture.

  • Bridget Butler

    Well said!

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