A Blessing from God, And a Curse to the World

A Blessing from God, And a Curse to the World

According to their own doctrine, it was God who made the Devil. Have they forgotten? This means that the abilities of the Devil should also be considered a gift from God, a blessing. But what has the Devil done with his gift other than corrupting Earth? We all have blessings, yet it means nothing until we decide to use them for good.

Some people are always talking about their blessings as if they are favored by God. Then they try to use it to justify their actions. The excuse is that because their gift was given to them by God, anything that they have done with it is agreed upon by God. But tell them to remember that the Devil has also received gifts.

It is a beauty to acknowledge the blessings that were given to us by God. But it is even more important to pay attention to how we use them. The blessings we have is only for us to be a blessing to the world, not a curse. Don’t just talk about what you have received; also talk about what you have done with it. Did you use it to uplift the minds of the youths or was it only a tool of distraction and destruction?

I hope you all remember this every time you decide to share your blessings with the world.

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