Ultraviolet Rays Myth and the Ability to Digest Light

Ultraviolet Rays Myth and the Ability to Digest Light

Proficiency in the Kemetic language isn’t needed to comprehend the message being displayed in the above illustration, it is quite obvious. Clearly, these ancient Africans are telling us here that they understood that the same relationship that the plants have with our Sun is equally shared with us. We cannot separate ourselves from nature, for nature is not just our environment, we are nature itself. If this divine agreement, understanding, and obligation are violated the consequences will be severe, like what we are facing today due to our anti-Sun ways of life.

Some people are adversely affected by ultraviolet (UV) rays, while others need them to obtain optimal health. Being affected by something doesn’t automatically make it bad for everyone else; neither does it make it bad in general. The human biology is a microcosmic Sun; Melanin (eumelanin) is a physical embodiment of natural light and all of its components, including the ultraviolet range. Contrary to common beliefs, ultraviolet radiation is not just an external factor that is emitted by our Sun; it is a natural, necessary and functional element within the human body.

Theories about the “harmful” rays of our Sun is widely accepted but yet not accompanied by any credible explanation to why they are harmful. If only some rays are said to be harmful, it means there are some that are not. Individuals who are at the odds of getting Sunburn say that it is the ultraviolet rays from our Sun are the cause. This means that the other rays of light are not harmful to them, since they say they are not harmful we need to find out why. By finding the answer to this question will help us to understand why the ultraviolet range of light is not harmful to the human (eumelanin) biology.

For every ray of Sunlight, there is a corresponding color that represents each one. When all the colors combine, Blackness is achieved. Opposing, when all these same colors are reflected and none is absorbed, whiteness is achieved. This means the darker hue contains a wider range of light, while the paler hue contains less. Ultraviolet means extreme violet, it is the color (violet) that represent the corresponding rays of light, which is the ultraviolet range. These rays of light do not contain anything different from what is within the other aspects of light that would make them harmful. They do not contain a poison (for example) or anything else that is not also a part of the other rays of light; except, ultraviolet rays is a higher frequency of light that can only be perceived (digested) by specific types of biology that identify with them.

There are two types of Melanin, eumelanin, and pheomelanin, depends on what type an individual has will determine how much or what portions of natural light they are able to perceive (process or digest).The reason why people with pheomelanin can perceive certain rays of light and they are not considered harmful to them is because these portions of light is a part of their genetic makeup. Their Melanin contains those corresponding rays of light. And because it is naturally a part of their biology, their body identifies with these light rays and therefore is able to perceive them.

It isn’t any different from the body’s ability to perceive/digest different forms of minerals. For example, if calcium was not a part of the human body, upon ingesting calcium from external sources it would also harm the body because the body cannot identify with that which is not a part of it. To further expand on this same principle, let’s highlight the fact that the only reason why minerals are necessary to sustain the health of the human body is because they are a part of its genetic makeup. This is exactly the reason why we have to ingest minerals from external sources; it is for the purpose of strengthening the minerals within our body. The same rule applies to the human biology containing ultraviolet radiation (mineral), this specific body type needs it. If not, its health will depreciate due to this mineral (UV rays) deficiency.

Ultraviolet rays are also more powerful than some of the other rays of light and it is the reason why it will burn the skin of anyone that doesn’t have the natural built-in mechanism to perceive it. All beings possessing the eumelanin contain the full range of light. Not everyone produces the same amount and that is why we have to eat healthy so that our Melanocytes (Melanin cells) can produce the require amounts of Melanin so that we may properly ingest adequate amounts of Sunlight as needed.

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