Abuse You Hate and Abuse You Love and Embraced

Abuse You Hate and Abuse You Love and Embraced

What kind of battle are you fighting, is it only an uncontrolled emotional one? Do you only feel offended when an insult is imposed upon you by another human being? Do you feel the same when the “food” you consume inflicts the same or even greater injury upon you?

It doesn’t make sense to be offended by what people may say or do to you; while you are willing to release parasites inside of your body to feed and destroy it.

The damage that is done by the poison many of you consume isn’t any different than the personified enemies that attack you from the outside. Only those who are blinded by their own wild emotions will fail to see this.

Humans are a personification of all the various entities found in nature. These entities, including – Sunlight, Water, Plants, etc. all possess similar microscopic genetic makeup as humans; which explains why they have the ability to sustain the life of humans.

Despite not being actually personified humans they still have similar nature and characteristics as humans. Whereby, they can either be a supporting friend to you or an enemy.

This simply means that if you were to personify all the different types of food; you will find characteristics similar to that of humans. For example, if you were to personify white rice or white flour, their level of abuse upon the body wouldn’t be much different than that which is imposed by the Ku Klux Klan.

In a battle for survival, freedom and absolute liberty, an enemy should always be acknowledged as an enemy, regardless of what it may be. And if you fail to acknowledge this, so shall your attempt to liberate yourselves, it will fail.

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