Why Are People So Afraid of The Night/Darkness

Why Are People So Afraid of The Night/Darkness
Everyone appears to be afraid of the darkness, afraid of the night, that time of day where our pain, depression, sorrow and frustration seems to come more alive. To avoid the dissatisfaction that arrives at this time, we desperately search for any distraction that can help us to hide from this reality that we do not want to face. For some, the medicine is, watching TV or drinking, smoking, playing games, etc. There are those who have an innate physiological battle with Blackness/darkness and desperately seek to demonize it at every level. In the culture of these people, the night represents a time of terror, horror, evil and home for demons. Because of the solitude we feel during the night/darkness, makes it easy to convince people that these events truly possess these horrible qualities.
The Pineal produces two hormones that regulate all biological functions. Serotonin is the hormone that is naturally secreted in the daytime while Melatonin is secreted at night. Both hormones are also light sensitive that can be triggered by either light or darkness. Serotonin is a natural tranquilizer, which means it numbs pain, fatigue and other dysfunctions.
This is why, when someone is hurt, they feel less pain during the daytime while it intensifies during the night. Emotional injuries and pains are also affected accordingly, at night or in darkness they are felt at a greater extent. Would you now say that because you feel greater severity from your injury during the night/darkness, it is it that causes the pain? No, in the nighttime there is an absence of the natural tranquilizer (serotonin) and that is the explanation for the greater pain you feel. Blaming the night/darkness is only another case of blaming the messenger and not the message.
The emotional pain that we feel at night or in darkness and what makes us so afraid of it come from the pain we suffer from the condition of our current state of being. Stress from our daily struggles and challenges that makes our lives difficult. Pain from the damage that is done to earth and we are absorbing all that frequency. The night only bring us the truth of this wicked reality. The night is beautiful and innocent, change our circumstances and the pain will go away. Darkness is beautiful; it removes all distractions and allows people to be one with themselves, to look within and find things that are beautiful. But if you only feel sadness, guilt, shame and remorse in the presence of the night/darkness, you will therefore hate it because it brings you the feelings of a reality you despise.

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