The Africans’ WILL VS. Their ABILITY

The Africans’ WILL VS. Their ABILITY

It was never the lack of ABILITY that stood in the way of the Africans building a Western-style “civilization”. It was the lack of WILL.

Surely they are capable, as it is clearly proven among a selective few. However, they do innately lack the WILL to propel such mandate on a vast scale.

Many people are too lost in their own ignorance to ever realize that possessing the ABILITY means nothing without having the WILL.

The WILL is the desire or drive, which forces us to challenge and put our ABILITIES to the task. For example: potentially, I could be the greatest basketball player ever. But what does that mean if I do not have the desire to play or commit to the game?

The proof of INABILITY can only be validated through the outcome of failure, after trial. If you have not seen someone repeatedly try, how can you say they have failed? How can you then say they lack the ABILITY?

Every tree started out as a seed, but before the tree can grow you must first plant the seed. If that tree is an element of destruction, where does someone find the WILL to plant it?

The ABILITY is fueled by the desire, the greater the desire, the greater is one’s commitment to the execution of their intent. Repetition, constant trials is the master that leads the path to perfection.

Whether great or small, evil or good, all constructs are fueled by the innate WILL within the individual.

Many fail to understand that some people, like myself, only wants to enjoy a peaceful life, being in accordance with Nature. It is within us innately to live harmoniously with Nature instead of building artificial and destructive structures and technologies that opposes it.

Such attempt among us will never last; Nature will never inspire us with the WILL to build anything that will lead to its own demise.

Many people concept of a developed world is skewed by their own inability to perceive Nature in its purest form.
You cannot build a world on top of Nature that opposes Nature and expect that it will prosper, it won’t. Nature will always reclaim victory.

The call to compete
Long before Usain Bolt became the “world fastest man”, Jamaicans didn’t have much interest in track and field. Today, Jamaicans represent one of the most dominant forces in the sport.

This culture was introduced to them by foreigners. Today, they are the masters of this culture that is not innately within them to practice.

When someone keeps saying they are “the best in the world”, it sends an indirect message to others that they are among the losers. So, what’s the natural response to someone who keeps telling you that you are nothing like them? I think you know the answer to that.

After so many years of people repeatedly telling the Africans how undeveloped and incapable they are, they have now finally accepted the challenge to prove them wrong.

Today, the antagonists wish they had not invited the Jamaicans to compete in their sport because now the Jamaicans have dethroned them.

There will be very highly technological Africa to come in the near future, beware.

The Africans now understand the new rules. They understand that they will never be able to live peacefully with Nature until they have mastered the world that negates their natural way of living. They are forced to compete.

They will master this Western-style world before they end it, to go back to living harmoniously with Nature.

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