Age and Achievements

Age and Achievements

Sometimes we have to be careful to not set expectations for ourselves based on the standards that are defined by society. The pressure we often put on ourselves is unnecessary and it sometimes forces many of us to make very regrettable mistakes that cannot be undone. This doesn’t mean we should have low expectations because having expectations of this nature is a disease that will not only affect us individually but also our family and the entire community. We should all aim high, but more importantly, aim accurately with the right timing. We shouldn’t practice taking on responsibilities that we are not in proper position to handle.

So many people are looking at themselves today disappointingly because they have not accomplished goals that they believe they should have, relative to their current age. It is only valid or makes sense to think this way when your age and condition of your body can potentially hinder your goals in life. Other than being faced with these types of obstacles, it is not justifiable for anyone to permeate the guilt of disappointment upon themselves, based on these forced expectations they have created.

At any given point in life, we should always be working our hardest to achieve the best we can. This cannot be done with haste. We also must learn to stop measuring our progression to that of others; we should learn to align ourselves with our own logic, spirit, and intuition. Whenever you unlock an achievement with the correct timing, that is when everything works out the best and not when it’s done prematurely.

It is very disheartening for anyone to convince themselves they are too old to do something they are still very capable of doing. We have to stop worrying about age or what anyone thinks, just go out there and achieve all that is within your grasp.

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