What Aggressive Sex Says about Your Health

What Aggressive Sex Say about Your Health

The aggressive undertone that is integrated into sexual affairs is primarily a subconscious effort to compensate for health/sexual degeneracy. None of the participants of this behavior has ever explained why aggression is so frequently applied in the context of sexual relations. The extreme levels of aggression exist among those who use physical as well as verbal abuse to excite pleasure during the actual engagement of sex. The more common and less violent examples are displayed by those who limit their abuse to verbal assaults; whether before or during the act of sex.

In order for us to understand why aggression is so greatly affiliated with sexual relations, we have to find the answer to the following questions: What effect does aggression have on the body that can be used directly or indirectly to enhance the advantages or pleasure of sex? We also need to find out why this aggression is exclusively prevalent among people who eat unhealthy and/or Melanin deficient.

There are many examples of these verbal and physical assaults (aggression). Verbal sexual aggressions are easy to find, echoed in the nature in which people interact with each another in the context of sexual relations. Here are a few examples of sexually aggressive terms that are very common: “I HIT it”, “I BANGED her”, “I SMASHED that”, and many other phrases that are commonly used in everyday conversations. These are examples that are adopted by those who are barred from the concept of true passion and love. Examples of physical aggression involve activities such as choking, pulling hair, whipping, biting and other forms of torture.

We should also understand that this form of aggression can also be influenced by psychological impairment of the mind, found in people with troubled past. Some of which suffers from deep insecurity and paranoia that feels the need to impose their dominance on others, in any way possible. For them, sex is just another avenue to inflict their control.

Along with aggression, another means of exciting pleasure that some people often use is fear. For example, people commonly use the “fear of getting caught” to excite sexual pleasure. This is when a couple would engage in their “personal moments” in environments that are opened to the possibility of them getting caught in the act. Both aggression and fear in this regard generate this same reaction in the body; in fact, aggression generates fear.

What makes sex pleasurable?
The pleasure of sex is dependent on the sensitivity of our nerves, which is determined by the amount of electrical frequency that is generated in the body; and all of this is regulated by the flow of blood. The engagement of sex involves movement; movement creates friction, which sparks the flow of electricity. The more electrical energy that is generated, the more pleasurable sex is. This explains the reason why sex with a condom is not as pleasurable as it is without it. Condoms are made from rubber, and other similar synthetic materials and these materials restrict the flow of electricity.

Sex, electricity and the electric food diet
Any couple who has had the privilege of experiencing sex before they have adapted the natural diet will confirm that they have experienced a dramatic improvement after their transformation. Why? Simply, because the natural diet contributes, supports and enhances the flow of electricity in the body.

What are the consequences for people whose food carries very low or zero electrical charge (dead flesh and starch eaters)? The frequency of their body becomes restricted to a lower vibration. Due to the lack of electricity, they have to find other ways to try to compensate for their state of deficiency. As previously stated, one of the primary but yet subconscious ways of doing this is through the implementation of aggression (forcefully increasing the flow of blood).

Electricity is what allows the body to executive every given task; the blood carries this electricity throughout the body. Whenever there is an increased blood flow, there is also an increased flow of electricity. There are many advantages that come as a result of this increased flow of blood, including, greater alertness, quicker reflex, and also greater sensitivity. Understanding that an increased flow of blood intensifies sensitivity, which can be used to boost the pleasure of sex, meanings the only objective is to now figure out how to increase the blood flow.

Why Aggression?
The body has a built-in mechanism that will automatically increase the flow of blood once it believes that it is in danger or faced with some kind of adversity. The adversity doesn’t have to be a real danger, only has to be perceived as such. For example, someone can just scream at you and your body will perceive it as a danger, your heart will begin to beat faster and the flow of blood will increase. For people who are not extremely dark, you will literally see the rush of blood taking place as their skin begins to appear reddish.

This biological function is caused by the release of adrenaline, which increases the flow of blood in the body to prepare it to deal with whatever adversities it is faced with. When adrenaline is released the body functions on a higher level, you do things that you weren’t able to do before. There is a peak in strength, alertness and sensitivity. Adrenaline is triggered by threats, and that can be a form of a simple insult or a vicious attack.
Too much adrenaline will automatically shut done the sexual organs and other biological functions in the presence of actual great danger. But if you can fake the fear just enough to boost the flow of blood a little, it can be used as an advantage to increase sexual pleasure, and this is exactly what many people have subconsciously and consciously discovered.

Adrenaline and sex in Hollywood
Using movies as a point of reference, sex is always associated with scenes that deliver an adrenaline rush, i.e., fast cars or high-speed chases, etc. Where ever you find imagery of fast car most likely you will also find imagery of sexual suggestions, maybe a promiscuously dressed woman. Regardless of what the movie scene contains, once it is something that boosts the rush of adrenaline, it always set the stage as a precursor to the physical act of sex. The sexual effect that happens in the movies affects those watching the movie.

The red light district
The red light district is the name given to an area that is overwhelmed with prostitution and sex. But why is it called the RED light district, and what does the color red have to do with sex? Why is red always the preferred color for sexual teasing? Also, why is red always associated with anger? Well, the answers to all these questions will help to substantiate the point we are making. Red is used in this regard for the same reason it is used as the preferred color for stop lights (other than the fact that you can see red from a much further distance compared to the other colors). Red increases blood circulation and this increased the flow of blood heighten one’s sensitivity. Here we see not only the use of physical and verbal gestures used to increase blood for the purpose of boosting sexual pleasure but we also see the use of color (red) in over-sexualized perverted areas.

Directing the concentration of blood
Blood is like the first aid kit in the body, it has all the equipment available in the body to fix any form of ailments. Any region of the body that appears to be in danger, there is always an immediate concentration of blood to that area. If someone is injured or receives a blow to specific part of their body, immediately you will see that area turn red as a result of the concentration of blood. Both Melanin and the blood are potentially the same in this instant, whereby the area turns dark after the redness disappears.

The more blood (electricity) that is concentrated to the sexual organs, the more pleasurable sex will be. With that said, all someone has to do is to figure out how to direct the blood to the mid-lower section of the body where the sex organs are located.

Without being too graphic, one of the things men like to talk about doing during sexual intercourse is slapping women on their rare. This is another subconscious act that most of them will not be able to explain why they do it. Hitting that part of the body will automatically cause blood to concentrate at that specific area, and if your skin is not extremely dark you will see the redness. Slapping the woman in that area of the body is just another means of concentrating blood to her lower body which will increase the electricity and sensitivity of her vagina. Let’s also not forget about men who struggle with achieving an erection until he beat up a little on his penis, possibly striking the woman with it.

How does Melanin affect the sexual experience?
Melanin is a conductor of electricity, it doesn’t only encourage the free flow of electricity but it amplifies that experience. Melanin also has the ability to retain an electric charge/energy. This is why Melanin is used to make batteries. The more charged the body is the greater the buildup of electricity and therefore, the most pleasurable sex is. The body that is unable to store energy will not accumulate enough electricity to make sex as pleasurable as the body that does.

This phenomenon of numbness and insensitivity is not only limited to sex, it affects all the other avenues of someone’s life, spiritually, mentally and physically. A numb person is an insensitive person, depending on the degree of numbness they possess can make them do the most senseless act of violence and it wouldn’t really bother them. They have to do things that are extreme in order to feel what a healthy person feels every day. This level of extremism is found among advocates of the unnatural diet (Melanin suppressants). Concerning sex, we are not saying it is necessarily sick to intensify your sexual engagements, but you should know the limit and understand the difference between passion and violence. Most people are unaware of how much they actually reveal about themselves just by what they say and do.

Please note: firstly, let us apologize for this lengthy article, but it was necessary. The purpose of this article is to bring some kind of awareness to how our health is depreciating caused by poor choice of life. It wasn’t to just speak aimlessly on the topic of sex, it is a needed topic that needs to be highlighted. If our concept of sex is corrupted then so shall our future generations be. We need to recover our spirituality and civilize our idea of sex, life is born. And an individual that suffers from this deficiency operates on a lower vibration, which means, their seed will suffer the consequence parallel to this state of weakness. With that said, don’t feel shy to share this very important topic; it is a medical topic that will help to lead a better future.

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