Alignment with the Supreme Dark Spirit through Diet

Alignment with the Supreme Dark Spirit

Our Universe consists of multiple channels, similar to that of television or radio channels (stations). The human body is like an antenna that allows us to be able to tune in to these various channels. There are channels with lower frequencies and those with higher; those that are limited to the earthly realm and those that transcends it.

Blood is the fountain of our life; it is the creator and sustainer of every cell, tissue and organ in our body. Our blood defines who we are; any condition that is created in the blood will be reflected in each and every attribute that pertains to our personal existence.

Our food significantly determines the quality of our blood and also conditions it. When we consume foods that are only confined to the earthly realm (grafted/hybrid/unnatural/manmade), they alter our blood with frequencies that does not identify with the outer, darker and higher spiritual realm. They do not have the potential to magnetize or channel our body with these frequencies, because they were not created by them. Once humans manipulate the genetic structure of any plant, that plant is now a hybrid, it is no longer natural or a direct product of the higher and darker realm. It becomes a degenerate of the original and natural plant, containing lower frequencies and vibration.

Food (blood) is responsible for our health; mentally, physically and spiritually. It is our vehicle, and it cannot, and will never be able to take us to anywhere or any plane where itself cannot go to or not originally or directly from. You cannot be properly magnetized to the frequencies of the higher realm if your food is cutoff from that realm.

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