An Empire Made From Straws

An Empire Made From Straws

How safe would you feel in a skyscraper made without steel or concrete? You can build it so high that it even touches the sky; yet, without proper reinforcement it will quickly collapse, that is guaranteed. Would you agree?

It is indeed good, or rather necessary, to build financial wealth. However, financial wealth is worthless without the necessary culture that supports you spiritually, mentally and physically.

Do you rather a house built on solid rock or one built on sand? Would you feel safer in a house made of bricks or one made of straws? If whatever you are building is outside of a supportive culture, you are not building something to last.

Your effort will be no greater than a fad, something that is guaranteed to fall quickly, a complete failure of endurance. There is a lot of talk about building wealth, but most people’s construct is protective of the same parasitic culture that assures their own demise.

Though it is understandable that “when in Rome”, you have to sometimes live like the Romans. This, however, doesn’t prevent anyone from finding a reasonable balance.

For example, let’s say you have built your wealth on selling materialism; a reasonable balance would be to start erecting some vegan/health foods spots in your local neighborhoods.

If your actions don’t at least set the stage that can facilitate a transition from destructiveness to constructiveness, then all efforts for improvement will forever be lost.

How many individuals have you seen spent their life building wealth that they never get to enjoy? While they secured financial merit, they were spiritually, mentally and physically poor. Isn’t this a very valuable lesson for all of us to learn from?

Whether it an individual or nation, the same rule applies.

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