The Anti-Melanin Blueprint For Self Destruction

The Anti-Melanin Blueprint For Self Destruction

In cultures where Indigenous people are not exposed to an unnatural lifestyle, they live more peacefully and healthy. Any Indigenous culture that entertains at least a 90% natural diet, obey the natural cycles of Nature, such as sleeping during the night, will live peacefully among themselves. They do not have to lock their doors in fair of robbers among them, neither do they fight or envy each other. The Indigenous nations that are dysfunctional are those who entertain an unnatural lifestyle.

The only difference between dysfunctional Indigenous people and those who live in harmony with each other is, one supports a pro-Melanin lifestyle while the other doesn’t.

In order for us to live harmoniously, we have to be one with Nature. Being in conflict with Nature disrupts the natural order, which is a recipe for chaos. The common element in Nature that connects all together is Melanin. Melanin is found in the water, air, plants, animals, soil and humans. Because Melanin is the common strand that connects us to Nature, in order to detach ourselves from Nature we will have to destroy our Melanin or at least deactivate it.

Melanin is the primary product of Nature; therefore, its only source of support has to come from Nature. The best support for Melanin is direct Sunlight, and its secondary source is natural foods (including air and water). Having an understanding of this basic premise will offer you enough knowledge on what to do if you want to destroy Melanin, or what not to do if you want to preserve its integrity.

Here are 5 brutal ways to destroy Melanin:

  1. Stay away from foods that are natural, including natural fruits and vegetables, especially the darker ones. They are even greater supporters of Melanin.
  2. Avoid direct Sunlight, in fact, you will get better results if you stay awake during the night and instead sleep during the day. Not only will this help you to become more out of alignment with Nature by way of disrupting your circadian rhythm, it will also help you to age much faster and poorly.
  3.  If you want to speed up the process, you should consume substances that are vicious enemies of Melanin, such as liquor and cigarettes (toxic wastes).
  4. Feed on a lot of starchy foods, and dead flesh. Basically, foods that don’t contain much or any light (life) force. Melanin is a light scavenger, so, in order to destroy it, you have to restrict it from light.
  5. When things are out of order, Melanin is responsible for communicating that to us naturally. Melanin also inflicts guilt upon us in the event of our wrong doings. One way of silencing the voice of Melanin is by creating distractions. Don’t give yourself any time to think, intercept your thought process with things that are of no importance. Maybe listening to senseless music, or watching movies that are of the similar likeness, go clubbing, or indulge in some gossip. These types of activities are counterproductive, which are against the health of Melanin.

At this point, you are probably wondering, why are we teaching people how to destroy their Melanin. But that is not the point; rather, we are making a highlight of how they are destroying their Melanin. We are simply telling them that if they want to destroy Melanin, this is what they have to do. Now the question they have to ask themselves after reading these step is, “Am I guilty of these offenses against my own wellbeing?”

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