Are All The Other Forms of Life Africans Too?

Are All The Other Forms of Life Africans Too?

Indigenous people all claiming to be Africans, in origin, is just another rendition of the evolution theory. It supports the idea that life began at a singular location – Africa, which of course is not supported by the Omnipresence of Nature. There aren’t any records before the inception of this theory of any Indigenous people claiming a singular geographical point of origin. In fact, there is absolutely no proof that humans even had a beginning or point of creation on Earth or anywhere else. The only thing we know with absolute certainty is that life exists; everything else on this matter is all theories and beliefs.

Everywhere you go on this planet you will find different forms of life. Whether it is the trees, animals, birds, insects, fishes, air, water, etc., they all populate not just one particular geographical location, but our entire Globe, infinitely as it appears. Now the question we have to ask is, if other forms of life are able to exist everywhere, without limit to space, then why is it that only human who are confined to one specific location or point of origin? Or maybe you believe the illogical, that all the other forms of life also had an African origin and then got up and walked to the other parts of our Planet. No, the trees, insects, etc. did not independently migrate from Africa; they exist where they have always existed because that is defined according to the Omnipresence of Nature.

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If all life began in Africa, then every form of life that is found outside of Africa should also exist in Africa, but that is not the case. They are plants, fruits, insect and even animals that you will only be able to find outside of Africa.  The purpose of our Sun, water, air, soil, etc. is to support life. The fact that they exist everywhere proves that life is and has always been present everywhere. If life was localized then so would these supporters of life. The presence of the supporters of life is consistent and parallel to the existence of the life they support.

Soon you will learn that you cannot contain Nature. The Indigenous people (Nature) existence are infinite and can never be constrained to any theory, philosophy or beliefs.

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