Becoming Impatient With Being Good

A Blessing from God, And a Curse to the World

Have a seat; I would like to share a story with you. It is about a young man who used to be cared for by two elders, husband, and wife. Despite them being very generous to him, looking out for his best interest, it still wasn’t good enough for him. He needed more, and he needed it fast. And for what purpose do you think? For the obvious reason; to feed his thirst for vanity, the same demon that is responsible for creating the criminals in all our communities.

So he decided that he will disguise his identity. One day he will show up with a mask on, to take from them what he didn’t earn, to bite the hands that fed him. And so, he did. To his surprise, it didn’t all went smoothly as planned. Somewhere along the process of betrayal, his identity was revealed. They realized who he was. …And for him, he saw only one way out, one option, and that is to pull the trigger.

He did, he killed them, and now he is behind bars forever. They say… “You want all, you lose all.” What if that young man would have, instead, decided to work hard, be good and be patient, what would his life be like? Maybe those elders would have helped him more, and he would have been a better and more successful person in the near future. Forget it now, that’s all gone, wasted.

Many people today, especially the youths, they have lost their patience with being good. In their minds, the good die unhappy, poor, and powerless. They say, forget about pride and shame, let’s do what it takes to get it now. So they are willing to partake in anything demeaning, cruel and unjust to feed their thirst.

Like these youths, many of our leaders have also grown impatient with righteousness, because it is not financially profitable. And so, they have turned their backs on the needs of their own for the reward of vanity.

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