Beware of Misleading Food Labels

Beware of Misleading Food Labels

There is one thing we all look for when doing grocery shopping – GREAT DEALS. Sometimes you may come across an item that says, for example, “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, selling at an unbelievable price. The minute you see this, you get excited and you immediately reach for that item, hoping that you have just taken advantage of a very rare and profitable opportunity.

This remains the reality for you until you decided to have a closer look at that item, and carefully read the ingredients. After zooming into the fine print you realized that not only is it not 100% extra virgin olive oil, but the olive oil only makes up a very small percent of the entire ingredients.

Companies do this all the time; they are guilty of using false advertisements (implications) to sell their products. They know the products that are more credible or in higher demands. Therefore, they see these products as something they can use to their advantage to sell the ones that are in fewer demands. They make the more credible ingredient(s) much bigger on the food package while making the less credible one(s) less visible. Obviously, they hope that you don’t examine the container of that product and find this out before it’s too late.

We all have to become aware of ambiguous languages and false advertisements that are used daily to sell products. To get around this, always examine the ingredients of the product you are purchasing.

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