Black Means Purity

Black Means Purity

“White means purity” is not supported by logic; it is a mere matter of people’s personal opinion. Anyone who endorses this ideological belief is doing so by way of their own subjective decision. Such belief may be in accordance with the ways of man, but not Nature. According to Nature, Black is the color of purity. Before anyone can assign a demeanor or characteristic to any color they must first have an understanding of the natural science of colors. Surely, man is a part of Nature, but man was given free will and when the ideologies of man are conflicting to that of Nature we must denounce them. These beliefs are artificial; they can and should be replaced by principles that are consistent with the customs of Nature. The first innate rule of all natural beings is to never defy the decree of Nature, which are the laws of our supreme Black Universe.

Before we can allocate a color to represent the state of purity, we must first find the definition of the word “Purity”. says purity means: “the condition or quality of being pure; freedom from anything that debases, contaminates, pollutes, etc.”

According to the definition of purity, we can simply come to the conclusion that anything that is void of natural light is impure… and rightfully so. Because it is the natural light of our Sun that maintains the health of Earth and keeps us all free from pollution and contamination. This is why mold, fungus, parasites and bacteria, and all these different agents of impurity, cannot survive in direct Sunlight exposure. This is also why you can use natural plants, which are filled with the light of our Sun, to remove impurities such as diseases from our body.

Each ray of light has a corresponding color to represent that specific frequency. When all the rays of light are combined, unified and absorbed within each other; the appearance of perfect Black is achieved. This means that light is Black in essence. White is opposite to Black; when all the colors of light are reflected and none is absorbed the appearance of white is achieved. This means that white represents a state void of light. So, why is the “color” that is void of light being used to represent the presence of light (purity)?

Purity means to be filled with light and light is Black in essence; therefore, Black is the most qualified color to denote purity. If your beliefs and laws are in conflict with the principles of Nature, it is you who should change, not Nature.  White can also be a very deceptive color because it gives the impression that it is the source of light simply because it reflects light. It is almost like shining a light in a mirror.

Nature is pure and colorful; all the colors that are manifested in Nature are an expression of one supreme color, Black. But technically, Black is not a color; it is the parent of all colors. Black is the source of all.

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