Black Panther: The Higher You Climb…

Black Panther: The Higher You Climb…

Black Panther was a well-done film, all credit… well deserved. However, the greater experience for me came by way of watching people’s reaction to the movie, rather than the movie itself.

It was like everyone was in a church, and the movie was the Bible; people were just interpreting it in ways to fit their narrative. All contradictions omitted. 

I have learned long time ago to never commit to things that are controlled by others. I don’t indulge in the idea of making myself too comfortable in a room of a house owned by someone else.

It is a very dangerous game to glorify that which you haven’t created or do not have full control over.

Like always, they throw something out there and you desperately eat it up as if you were starving. Are you not tired of getting beaten with the same whip you weaved?

You build things up without ever considering that maybe you are building yourself up for a great fall. Have you ever heard the saying… “The higher you climb, the harder you fall”?

How quickly you climb trees that are rooted in the soil of someone else’s land. If they decided to cut the trees, how quickly will you fall?

You are saying that this Black Panther character is such a great inspiration for your children.

But did you ask yourselves this question? What impact will it have on them if the owners decide to pervert this character, one that your children are deeply inspired by?

Here is the solution, start writing your own stories. Anyone can do it; it may not be as well illustrated as those professional comics, but whoever said that it must…?

What are you waiting for, appreciate your potentials already? And please don’t invest your time in writing fictions, write metaphorical stories instead. Bring your stories to reality, so that it can be a valued inspiration, as opposed to one filled with emptiness.

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