What is the Blackseed Diet?

What is the Blackseed Diet?
Issues of a house in disarray can only be resolved effectively by the parents of that household and not the children. If the parents are acting like children, then this only means that they (the parents) need to be awaken to their duties and responsibilities. The Melaninated man and woman are the ordained mothers and fathers of all nations. The Blackseed Diet is a platform dedicated to awaken them to their conscious state of mind and responsibility to bring order to our current world in turmoil.
The element that gives value to the Melaninated men and women is Melanin, that which holds the essence of all things. Through the power of logic; we understand that any chance of our recovery, to become once again a civilized people, has to come by way of our acknowledgement, love and respect for this divine supreme element, Melanin. History has clearly showed us that in the absence or abuse of Melanin, comes chaos.
Melanin is the infinite Black space we stare into at night, the energy that gave birth to all; and it is localized as the superior governing biological component in all that is natural on earth. Our Melanin is the element that connects us (nature) to the everlasting spiritual network. Order, peace and love can only be maintained through our control by this superior intellect. The quality and quantity of our biological Melanin has a direct effect on the amount of influence this force will have over our body. Making it our highest priority to revive and maintain the health of our Melanin by way of proper cultural practices.
The Blackseed is a metaphor, symbolizing this pure dark energy from which all life forms originates. A seed is that which gives birth to an offspring. All things have their essence in Blackness; therefore all life forms are the offspring of this Black origin or BlackSeed. The Blackseed Diet represents the dietary culture that is obedient and conducive to the Black essence (Dark energy/Melanin/Blackseed). The Blackseed Diet is simply, the natural diet.
The Blackseed is:
 The Black infinite space (spiritual waters) that surrounds our entire existence
The Black first atom/particle/nucleus
The Black womb that forms life
The Black origin of humanity
The Black fertile soil from which the purest plants grow
The Black original seed of the natural fruits and plants

The Blackseed is the ever present supreme element of nature, Melanin (Carbon)

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