Blaming It On the Woman

Blaming It On the Woman

Ego is a man’s means of protecting his insecurities. Some men are fearful of not feeling dominant, in ways they believe will generate the respect they desire from their women.

Consequently, it makes them egotistical, always feeling the need to prove themselves among their peers or by directly projecting themselves above women.

From this insecurity, the culture of men degrading women was also born.

Ego is a disease in any relationship, a pledge to its end with absolute certainty. Ego destroys relationships because an egotist will always seek to protect and rationalize their wrong, instead of admitting to it.

The ability to declare our wrongs is one of the greatest gifts to our relationships.

Blaming the woman entirely is a game you will never win. The worse that you try to make her out to be is the worse you will automatically make yourself out to be. 

If the woman is that bad, then what does that say about your judgment, and ability to choose wisely?

Was it her fault too that you chose to be with her, did you not have the option to walk away? Maybe she held a gun to your head… if so, call the police.

Many of these unfortunate circumstances are products of our own decisions. You can point your fingers at others, but never forget the role you played.

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