Maintaining Your Body Weight While Being a Vegan

Maintaining Your Body Weight While Being a Vegan
Maintaining reasonable weight is always one of the main concerns for most vegans. As I did, at the beginning stages of your transition, you should expect to lose some weight. At these earlier stages your body still contains an abundance of foreign cells and has not yet fully adapted to your new diet. When I first started… I lost more than ten pounds which I have regained shortly after and now maintaining at ease.
The transitional period varies for different people depending on how fast you can rid yourself of these foreign cells (parasites). Taking herbs such as black walnut, cascara sagrada and wormwood will help to speed up the process.
Like many others, I live in a cold climate with very limited Sunlight exposure. Despite not getting an abundance of Sunlight, I am still able to maintain good body weight and a fairly sculpted figure without lifting any weights (body building) whatsoever. Another important factor you should understand is… eating healthy will give you the appropriate weight you are supposed to have, not lesser, not more.
Just look at a cow that eats grass every day and have maintained a body mass weighing hundreds of pounds. The same rules apply for every being in nature that eats what they are supposed to eat. In fact, being overweight is actually a sign that whatever food that causes this to happen should not be eaten. In other words, if your food makes you overweight (for example, a cow’s milk/dairy) means it is not conducive to your biology.
Here is a list of foods that will help you to maintain your weight, and which I also frequently eat.
Black rice

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