Calling It What It Is

Calling It What It Is

They talked about everything else; about all the other benefits contained in fruits and vegetables, but not ever did they mentioned this.

They never do, they talked about the vitamins and the minerals, and all that good stuff, yet they always seem to forget about this one thing, Melanin.

What seems to be the problem; isn’t Melanin Nature’s most powerful antioxidant? Even a small slice of this reality would be more than enough to render it qualified- to be mentioned. Still, it is not even at the bottom of their list of benefits, completely absent.

Yes, Melanin is a part of what makes these fruits and vegetables great; in fact, it is at the core of why they are great.
But wait, they did mention Melanin. Absolutely, they did… in ways that disassociate it from the common identity that most people know of.

They don’t call it Melanin, they called it Phenols. Flavonoids, polyphenols, and anthocyanin are among some of the aliases they use.

Let them do as they will. We will just go ahead and omit some these unnecessary names, and rather, use the root name that we all know.

Yep, we will call them Melanin because that is what they are. The different names come as a result of a path in which Melanin is formed in different species. Nonetheless, they are all just different variants of the same thing, Melanin.

They are all Melanin.

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